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CA welcomes notices of interest to our readers. These include announcements and reviews of conferences, news items, forthcoming events, etc. Please send them using the submission guidelines.

Call for Applications

The European Society for Aesthetics
SUMMER SCHOOL: "The Evidence of the
Senses: Drama between the real and the virtual"
University of Milan, Department of Cultural Heritage and Environment
Milan, Italy
17-28 July 2018

Deadline: June 1, 2018

The summer school aims to provide an introduction to dramatic writing for students enrolled in any arts, humanities, or scientific undergraduate program. Stimulated by the contributions of scholars in aesthetics and theater, as well as of artists and experts of sensory analysis, participants will be asked to use dramatic writing to address the dissolution between the real and the virtual, and the possibility for the senses to generate evidence and to be a vehicle for different types of knowledge. Participants will attend a series of lectures on aesthetics and the philosophy of the senses and take advantage of guided visits to historical sites and contemporary venues, museums, and theaters in Milan. These activities will provide participants with the theoretical tools and the creative inputs and enable them to reflect on the role of the five senses in real and virtual artistic and dramatic experiences. On this theme, they will work in groups with the final aim of producing a short drama.

The School will comprise a total of 40 hours (25 hours of classroom activities and 15 hours of autonomous work). All activities will be conducted in English. Please send a letter of motivation (1,000 words maximum) and a Curriculum Vitae by June 1, 2017 (if you need to apply for a Visa, the deadline application is May 12, 2017) to: gs_school@unimi.it. Please note that the Summer School will accept a maximum of 20 students and will take place only if a minimum of 15 participants is accepted. For all information regarding the Summer School, please feel free to contact the organizers at: gs_school@unimi.it. You may view this information directly on the ESA website at: http://www.eurosa.org/event/summer-school-the-evidence-of-the-senses-drama-between-the-real-and-the-virtual/


International Conference

“Uncommon Senses 2: Art, Technology, Education,
Law, Society- and Sensory Diversity”
Concordia University
Montreal, Canada
2-5 May 2018

“The sensorium is a fascinating focus for cultural studies,” wrote Walter J. Ong in The Shifting Sensorium (1991). Ong’s words heralded the arrival of sensory studies, an interdisciplinary field of inquiry that takes a cultural approach to the study of the senses and a sensory approach to the study of culture. Sensory studies have galvanized much exciting and provocative research and experimentation in the humanities, social sciences, and visual and performing arts over the past three decades.  "Uncommon Senses 2" aims to take stock of the many advances in sensuous scholarship and art practice since the first "Uncommon Senses" conference at Montreal’s Concordia University in 2000.

The conference is organized around three broad topic areas: Crossing Sensory Borders in the Arts: The Rise of Multisensory Aesthetics & New Media Art;  Alternative Pedagogies: The Education of the Senses; and  The Othered Senses: Law, Regulation, Sensorium (workshop). Proposals for panels (up to three papers) and individual papers relating to any of the above topics are warmly welcomed. We also invite proposals for panels and individual papers on other topics germane to the field, such as sense-based research methods, disciplining the senses, perception of the environment, aestheticization of everyday life, social and sensory life of things, the extended sensorium, political life of the senses and sensation, critical disability studies and the senses, animal sensing and communication, affecting presence, sensory deprivation and augmentation, sensory biographies and autobiographies. This list is illustrative, not exhaustive. Proposals for artworks, including performances, socially-engaged works, walks, installations, 2D art, digital works, and video are also strongly encouraged. For proposal submission forms and further details on the conference (including the CFP for The Othered Senses Workshop) please go to http://www.sensorystudies.org/events-of-note/ . Inquiries may be made to senses@concordia.ca.

International Congress

The 24th World Congress of Philosophy
"Learning to be Human"
Peking University
Beijing, P.R. China
13-20 August 2018

Deadline: February 1, 2018.

All persons who want to participate in the XXIV World Congress of Philosophy are welcome to submit their abstract and paper. There are three ways to submit your abstract and paper: online submission; as attachment to an email message or; by post. We strongly recommend all participants to use the online abstract and paper submission for their convenience and for reduction of cost.  Please submit your abstracts and articles in Windows-based PDF (.pdf).  Papers should be no more than 1,800 words.  For a complete list of sections and further formatting instructions, please visit http://wcp2018.pku.edu.cn/yw/index.htm.

International Conference

X. Congress of the German Society of Aesthetics.
Offenbach am Main College of Design

Schloßstraße 31 - Offenbach am Main
14-17 February 2018


The 10th Congress of the German Society of Aesthetics will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding. We invite you to submit proposals for contributions that demonstrate what aesthetics is, can, or should be. The special interest lies in the ways in which aesthetic thinking and the thinking of the aesthetic are expressed in other disciplines - in the other disciplines of philosophy as well as in the arts, design, media, cultural, and social sciences or in aesthetic practice itself.

Submission of proposals for individual lectures (max. 20 minutes) should include: name, email address, title of the lecture, abstract of max. 2000 characters (including spaces) as well as a short biography. We invite you to submit proposals for panels (3-4 lectures, 20 minutes). In addition to the names, e-mail addresses and short biographies of the organizers, the submissions should include the following: the title of the panel, a brief sketch of the questionnaire (up to 2000 characters), as well as information on all individual papers and speakers. Please make sure not to propose more than two speakers from the same institution.
We also want to specifically encourage proposals for workshops (moderated discussions with short impulses of up to 10 minutes), information events and other alternative formats on the subject of the conference as well as on issues related to high school politics in the field of aesthetics. In addition to the names, email addresses and short biographies of the organizers, the submissions should include the following items: title, short sketch of the questionnaire (and, if applicable, the event format) and - where relevant - the names of the participants.

Deadline for all submissions is 15 September 2017.